Our Process

It can be difficult to understand exactly how we install or move a new mobile home. While the process isn’t magic, there are a few tricky steps that require precision, care, planning, and attention to detail. Here is how the process works:

  • Crews first secure the building and install tie-downs.

  • On the roof, workers install knee boards, collar ties, and rafter supports (among other supports). Roof vents are installed and roofing materials are installed.

  • Exterior siding and trim is installed along with windows in gable ends. Shutters and any extra features are installed.

  • Underfloor mechanical, wiring, and plumbing is installed. Faucets, dryer vents, and gas is connected and turned on.

  • HVAC systems are installed.

  • Porches, steps, decks, and driveways are installed.

  • Interior finishing, including painting and lighting, is completed.

Watch our video to see it in action!